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Terms of Use

Welcome to UniLang! Please be aware that by using any of the services offered by UniLang you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Which are meant to ensure that UniLang remains a pleasant community for everybody:

  1. UniLang is entirely free of charge and all language resources on the UniLang website are licensed under the UniLang Public License (version 2), unless specified otherwise. This does not apply to language resources from allied projects. Note that forum posts are never considered language-resources in this sense.
  2. Forum policy: You agree to abide by the rules of conduct for the Forum, as set forth by the UniLang Administration, and comply to their instructions.
  3. You agree that in principle, all contributions you make to any part of UniLang are irrevokable and that submitted language resources will be automatically licensed under the UniLang Public License, unless otherwise agreed.
  4. You agree to refrain from intentionally submitting erroneous translations, descriptions or explanations, copyrighted material, or otherwise intentionally damaging resources or systems. The UniLang Administration reserves the right to partially or fully ban people who are found to be abusive, and to notify ISPs or authorities when necessary. We also reserve the right to remove forum posts or other contributions which we deem in violation of our terms of use.
  5. You agree that all resources come without warranty. Even though all parties are doing their best to ensure the correctness of our resources, this can at no time be guaranteed.
  6. You have the right to cancel your membership at any time for any reason, which will delete personal information and remove you from the member listing. Be aware of point 3 however.
  7. You agree that you won't use profile and member data for commercial purposes. Disclosing member data to third parties is prohibited.
  8. Your privacy will be protected by us to the best of our ability
    1. We never publish your e-mail address and will very rarely mail you (not counting notifications you explicitly choose to receive).
    2. Your profile and the member list can only be viewed by UniLang members, they are not publicly available.
    3. Our member database will not be shared with third parties, your information can only become available to allied projects when you agree to this by logging in on their site using your UniLang Account.
    4. Note that the website stores your password in a one-way encrypted format (unrecoverable), and that we make use of cookies to keep track of the session.
    5. The content of private messages and private chats is deemed private and should never be divulged without the explicit consent of the other party, unless the message or chat is abusive in nature. The UniLang Administration does not access private messages and private chats. But note that real sensitive information should never be sent and stored without encryption.
    6. For reasons of security and statistics, the webserver keeps logs of all visits, and public chats will be logged as well. Moreover, for technical reasons, your IP will be directly or indirectly visible when you participate in the Chat or Voicechat.
  9. Our forum is powered by phpBB, who are not in any way responsible for our policies and content.
  10. These Terms of Use may be subject to change, which shall then be announced on the website.