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About UniLang


UniLang is a non-profit organisation dedicated to languages and language learning. We have aimed to build an on-line language community where people from all over the world with the same passion for languages, whether a language in particular or languages and linguistics in general, can come together to communicate with one another and find friends and resources to facilitate their learning. We have a wide variety of language resources available, all built in a community effort by our members themselves. A distinguishing feature of our community is that everything we have to offer is freely available, at no cost, but also in the sense that our resources can be freely used and modified by others who share the same spirit. We have an open philosophy in which language learning should be free and accessible to all!

UniLang already has a long history. We were founded in October 2000 by Erik Zidowecki (Abavagada), Maarten van Gompel (proycon) and Niels van Bellingen (Silvah), out of a merge between two separate language projects. This makes us one of the first language communities on the internet, and in the years we have grown and matured tremendously. Our efforts have been rewarded with a small appearance in a BBC World television show and we have been a finalist in the Stockholm Challenge for innovative ICT projects.

Language Learning

Language learning lies at the very core of our reason for being. Languages are important in an ever-shrinking world with so much diversity. We focus on e-Learning and approach this from different angles. First, we have various kinds of resources in the field of computer-aided language learning; we have resources which complement more traditional methods in language learning, such as courses, grammar references, vocabulary lists, phrasebooks and learner's stories. But we also have interactive games and exercises, which are excellent tools to use your training.

Second, we put a lot of emphasis on communication as, after all, language is a tool for communication, and practise makes perfect. Our Forum, our Text Chat, and our Voice Chat are the ideal places to put your language skills in practice. And through the pleasant community atmosphere here at UniLang, new friendships with people from all over the globe can easily arise.


If all of this sounds interesting to you, then all you need to do is sign up and register yourself as a UniLang member, which, of course, is free and open to everyone. We'll be glad to welcome you!

Credits & Awards

For an extensive overview of the people who have contributed to UniLang and the awards UniLang has received, please visit our Credits & Awards page


UniLang is strictly non-profit and relies on donations to fund our operations. Please visit our funding page for more information

More information

For an in-depth and formal look into the workings, principles and rules of our organization, you can read our Terms of Use, the UniLang Public License, and our bylaws.