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Hello and welcome to my Hindi lessons online!

I'm especially happy to be able to give my knowledge about the beautiful Hindi language to you, reader!

First and foremost, let me say some words about how well I know Hindi and about the way I'll teach it...
I've learned the little Hindi I know from a guy, who call himself Siddharth. Thanks to him, I'm writing these lessons - with his permission of course ;-) So, here's the best time to give my gratitude to my guru: धन्यवाद गुरु जी (Dhanyavaad guru-ji)!

Now, back to Hindi. I'll write the lessons in Devanagari (that is the script the Indians use to write Hindi). Don't worry if you don't know how to read Devanagari. I've written with every word in Hindi a transliteration in English letters. Apart from that I've written one short lesson about how to read the hindi script: Lesson 0. (since I'm a programmer, I always start to count from 0, lol:)

First Lesson is about the Language Hindi in general, i.e. about what's Hindi, where is it spoken etc. (of course for those who don't know :-) The number of lessons isn't great for now, as I'm learning more I'll teach more! Besides I think that Hindi grammar isn't that difficult to learn, and actually there isn't much to learn! So, after learning some basic grammatical structures and patterns you'll be able to say much in Hindi! Wish you luck! Enjoy!

Lesson 0:  The Hindi Script: Devanagari.
Lesson 1:  Introduction to Hindi. Linguistic Information.
Lesson 2:  Some basic phrases.
Lesson 3:  Pronouns
Lesson 4:  Genders in Hindi... Hindi Verbs - Part 1
Lesson 5:  Hindi Verbs - Part 2.
Lesson 6:  Adjectives. Colors.
Lesson 7:  Cases. The Direct and Oblique case.
Lesson 8:  Modal Verbs.
Lesson 9:  Numbers. Wh-questions.

Hindi-English Dictionary of the words used in the lessons (about 115 words): here!

* Note that all pages are encoded in Unicode format - UTF-8

Feci quod potui, faciant meliora potentes!

That's all for now. I hope it's useful for you! If you have any questions about Hindi or any suggestions/corrections/criticism you can write to me at this e-mail:  sart_blitz@abv.bg

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