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Are you confused or confusing?

Adjectives derived from present (-ing) and past (-ed) participles

1) Radu: Isn't today the first day of your Yoruba class? Are you [excited or exciting]?
2) Ioana: Yeah, it's very [excited or exciting] to learn this language.
3) Radu: It's a rather obscure language. I'm [surprised or surprising] that you'd choose to learn it.
4) Ioana: What's so [surprised or surprising] ? Over 20 million people speak it.
5) Radu: Actually, I know a bit about Yoruba. You might find its register tone system a bit [confused or confusing] at first.
6) Ioana: Maybe. When I was learning Chinese, I wasn't at all [confused or confusing] by the tone system. It took me a day to master it. But I know that the Yoruban system is different.
7) Radu: You're [amazed or amazing]! No actually, I'm not [amazed or amazing]. You're a born linguist.
8) Ioana: I'm [flattered or flattering], but I'm [tired or tiring], and this conversation is [bored or boring], so I'm going to go now...
9) Radu: I'm sorry you're [bored or boring] by my conversation. :( I know I'm [bored or boring]. :( I'll try to be more [excited or exciting] the next time we chat.
Ioana: What next time?
Radu: :/

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