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"pick" OR "pick up"


1) Gross! Don't [pick or pick up] your nose!
2) Let's [pick or pick up] some daisies for Dad.
3) I always get [picked or picked up] last for kickball. :(
4) Why on earth did you [pick or pick up] English to study? It's so ...uh... unoriginal???
5) Johnny, are you going to [pick or pick up] your dirty underwear or am I going to have to MAKE you do it??!
6) I went to Nick's (a bar) last night, and some weird guy tried to [pick me or pick me up].
7) He [picked or picked up] me, me, me. Out of all the girls in the school, he chose me to ask to the Senior Prom. *Sigh*
8) Ok, don't answer the door. I'm just going to swing by the store to [pick or pick up] some band-aids.
9) First, I'm going to get some dough at the cash machine. Then I'll [pick or pick up] Priscilla at the mall. Oh yeah, I [picked or picked up] a good restaurant to take her to. It's her favorite.
10) When you were in Brazil, did you [pick or pick up] any Portuguese (the language)?

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