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Assorted verb conjugation practice

Conjugating present and future verbs

1) I [to like] to walk with my dog.
2) We love [to swim] everyday.
3) He will [to eat] all the food.
4) [to be] we going to the store?
5) The man [to love] the woman.
6) She will [to sing] in church.
7) They [to live] in an apartment.
8) We often [to go] to the movie theater.
9) How do you [to want] your drink?
10) When he [to listen] to the music he [to sing] with the musician.
11) Why do I need [to make] my bed?
12) When should he [to wash] the dishes?
13) Wow! You [to drink] a lot of pop!
14) Do you [to like] [to play] soccer on the weekend?

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