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Arabic (العربية) There also is a language forum available for Arabic (العربية)! Go there for discussions and practise in this language!
Arabic (العربية) There also is a channel in the chat available for Arabic (العربية)! Go there to meet other speakers and practise live!
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  • Videos
  • Arabic Numbers Nabil - 26 Nov 2008 02:49 Arabic Numbers learn the arabic numbers 1-10 with this song!
    English English
    Arabic (العربية) Arabic (العربية)
    Category: Videos
    Views: 2851
    Last: 13 Jun 2021 20:06
  • Grammar
  • Arabic "darasa" (to study) proycon - 24 Jul 2008 17:33 Guide to conjugating the Arabic word "darasa" (to study)
    English English
    Arabic (العربية) Arabic (العربية)
    Category: Grammar
    Views: 13111
    Last: 14 Jun 2021 05:14
  • Arabic Derived Stems proycon - 24 Jul 2008 17:33 Guide to derived stems in Arabic
    English English
    Arabic (العربية) Arabic (العربية)
    Category: Grammar
    Views: 11841
    Last: 13 Jun 2021 19:51
  • Vocabulary
  • MediaGlyphs Wordlist (+23) Riks, reegs, Aleco - 03 Jun 2009 16:19 This is the wordlist from the MediaGlyphs project (Source MediaGlyphs , License MediaGlyphs)
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Vocabulary
    Views: 758534
    Last: 08 Jun 2021 17:34
  • Phrasebooks
  • ChatTalk (+42) عرباوي أحمد, Al-Abbad, Serafín -
    عرباوي أحمد, Al-Abbad, Serafín, Zaduma, paruha, Koljenovic M., , Riks, Jayan, maikengj, Narbleh, Alasdair, Scitor, Sir McDuck, Knabo, Liisi, nesos, reegs, Quabazaa, Ilayde, ekateryna, panglossa, 15087, polluted, Kess, 浩然 /
    17 Sep 2013 01:29
    This is a small phrasebook which contains useful phrases you can use on a chat
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Phrasebooks
    Views: 2454451
    Last: 13 Jun 2021 21:57
  • Grammar Constructs (+15) proycon, proycon, noradlf -
    proycon, proycon, noradlf, Balaur, Serafín, riyadh88, zoroa, Merlin, 12803, JKR, phaed, Pasajero, angasule, shak, Albs, 16844, panglossa, cesargil, alea, Italiensk_Mann, ILuvEire, vilagosnoor, bab, om, nighmi, Nukalurk, Nord, lisica, minus273, , CuteLoverlyGurl, karo, Aberine, bibienne, arti
    15 Apr 2012 22:59
    This phasebook contains a wide variety of grammar constructs, divided into several categories that are not entirely uncontroversial. This resource is intended to help you learn languages by example or to serve as a reference.
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Phrasebooks
    Views: 342379
    Last: 08 Jun 2021 16:02
  • UniLang Basic Phrasebook (+39) Shiba, altarek, paruha -
    Shiba, altarek, paruha, paruha, , Zaduma, maikengj, Σίνης / maribi, Serafín, Sir McDuck, Océan, Florandie, mihkel93, Uruloomake, Anchjo, Emandir, fdeunha, bluechiron, edsmedia (completion), halo-id *previously edsmedia*, nesos, reegs, Anusha, dekoelie, proycon, toksave, Zaduma & wsz, polluted, dorenda, Rakhimzhan, Bugi, n.veleka, Kess, Pokpong Wongkaeo, Шуґар
    20 Mar 2011 10:25
    This is a phrasebook containing all sorts of useful basic phrases you can use in everyday situations
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Phrasebooks
    Views: 2576401
    Last: 11 Jun 2021 04:29
  • Stories
  • The Crow and the Pitcher (+29) Tigaine, ابفاحادا, paruha -
    Tigaine, ابفاحادا, paruha, Kubi, Σίνης, Abavagada, esperio, Liisi, mrphdes, jbflanman, Richard Raw, Porto, Abavagada (translated by Viktor Borbély), edsmedia, martyno, ಅಬವಗಡ, Pierrick18, proycon, keme, Zaduma, aldaesme, Juliette Esper, Абавагада, Curiosus, , 杨大猫
    09 Sep 2008 15:35
    A crow uses her brain to get a drink.
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Stories
    Views: 856338
    Last: 11 Jun 2021 05:30


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