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Esperanto There also is a language forum available for Esperanto! Go there for discussions and practise in this language!
Esperanto There also is a channel in the chat available for Esperanto! Go there to meet other speakers and practise live!
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  • Courses
  • Esperanto for Beginners proycon - 24 Jul 2008 17:33 Esperanto for Beginners A simple 20-lesson Esperanto Course in 4 parts for absolute beginners, comes with exercises and solutions. Toggle calog
    English English
    Esperanto Esperanto
    Category: Courses
    Views: 83052
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 18:45
    Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
  • Videos
  • Vojaĝu kun Zam lernu.net - 24 Sep 2008 12:15 Vojaĝu kun Zam La enkonduka leciono de la Esperanta kurso Vojagxu kun Zam. (Source lernu.net )
    Esperanto Esperanto
    Esperanto Esperanto
    Category: Videos
    Views: 1742
    Last: 20 Sep 2022 23:36
  • Dictionaries
  • Pronunciation & Script
  • Sonidos del Mundo (+39) 03 Jun 2009 16:20 The Sonidos Del Mundo project is where one small piece of text is translated into as many languages as possible, with an audio recording of the text in each language. It's a great way to get acquianted with a particular pronunciation!
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Pronunciation & Script
    Views: 31384
    Last: 23 Sep 2022 14:53
  • Vocabulary
  • MediaGlyphs Wordlist (+23) Riks, reegs, Aleco - 03 Jun 2009 16:19 This is the wordlist from the MediaGlyphs project (Source MediaGlyphs , License MediaGlyphs)
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Vocabulary
    Views: 798531
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 19:02
  • Phrasebooks
  • ChatTalk (+42) عرباوي أحمد, Al-Abbad, Serafín -
    عرباوي أحمد, Al-Abbad, Serafín, Zaduma, paruha, Koljenovic M., , Riks, Jayan, maikengj, Narbleh, Alasdair, Scitor, Sir McDuck, Knabo, Liisi, nesos, reegs, Quabazaa, Ilayde, ekateryna, panglossa, 15087, polluted, Kess, 浩然 /
    17 Sep 2013 01:29
    This is a small phrasebook which contains useful phrases you can use on a chat
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Phrasebooks
    Views: 2633369
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 21:20
  • Just Read Phrases! (+30) paruha, , proycon -
    paruha, , proycon, Riks, Shiba, Serafín, Océan and Wesfrass, Liisi & Sir McDuck, Emandir, Emandir, Porto, Ori Paragon, Gon-no-suke, proycon, Aleco, Ilayde, zeme, Rafael Gerzvolf, donraulo, dorenda, andrei, omunstoppable, Sergei Buhtoyarov (Sergio), Bugi, Kess
    12 Oct 2013 12:05
    This is a phrasebook that consists out of nearly 200 phrases. We tried to use various grammar constructions and a lot of basic vocabulary in these phrases, making them an excellent means to practise a language and learning vocabulary by just reading phrases.
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Phrasebooks
    Views: 1680796
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 19:58
  • UniLang Basic Phrasebook (+39) Shiba, altarek, paruha -
    Shiba, altarek, paruha, paruha, , Zaduma, maikengj, Σίνης / maribi, Serafín, Sir McDuck, Océan, Florandie, mihkel93, Uruloomake, Anchjo, Emandir, fdeunha, bluechiron, edsmedia (completion), halo-id *previously edsmedia*, nesos, reegs, Anusha, dekoelie, proycon, toksave, Zaduma & wsz, polluted, dorenda, Rakhimzhan, Bugi, n.veleka, Kess, Pokpong Wongkaeo, Шуґар
    20 Mar 2011 10:25
    This is a phrasebook containing all sorts of useful basic phrases you can use in everyday situations
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Phrasebooks
    Views: 2709093
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 21:11
  • Stories
  • Paul 1 (+24) Louisa, magi_w, Kubi -
    Louisa, magi_w, Kubi, Yiannisscheidt, Abavagada, Ella, Loiks, Liisi, Emandir, jbflanman & Quevenois, Richard Raw, Eva Moreda, eltigre, martyno, hiro, Ron, arti, Hefestos, aldaesme, Lada, Bugi, Curiosus, oncue
    09 Sep 2008 15:35
    Paul is going on a trip - 1
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Stories
    Views: 977526
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 21:05
  • Story of Two Lions (+8) Автор: Snoopy, превод: Виктория (paruha), Original: Snoopy / Català: Núria Harket, Schlupp -
    Автор: Snoopy, превод: Виктория (paruha), Original: Snoopy / Català: Núria Harket, Schlupp, Snoopy, Merlin, 12803, Shadad, Ngdawa
    06 Feb 2009 11:14
    Two lions escape from a zoo and try to survive in Brazil
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Stories
    Views: 88005
    Last: 13 Sep 2022 18:53
  • The Bear and the Travellers (+19) Tigaine, paruha, Abavagada (English) / Núria Harket (Catalan) -
    Tigaine, paruha, Abavagada (English) / Núria Harket (Catalan), Kubi, Σίνης, Abavagada, Anthony Ehrhardt, Athnea, Gallinago, Pennkaled, lu:ka, hekate, aja, arti, Alex (D39), Kathy, Zenit, , 杨大猫
    09 Sep 2008 15:35
    A lesson about bears and friends
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Stories
    Views: 508942
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 16:13
  • The Crow and the Pitcher (+29) Tigaine, ابفاحادا, paruha -
    Tigaine, ابفاحادا, paruha, Kubi, Σίνης, Abavagada, esperio, Liisi, mrphdes, jbflanman, Richard Raw, Porto, Abavagada (translated by Viktor Borbély), edsmedia, martyno, ಅಬವಗಡ, Pierrick18, proycon, keme, Zaduma, aldaesme, Juliette Esper, Абавагада, Curiosus, , 杨大猫
    09 Sep 2008 15:35
    A crow uses her brain to get a drink.
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Stories
    Views: 911458
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 16:21
  • Where is James? (+41) proycon, paruha, (Original: Proycon / Català: Núria Harket) -
    proycon, paruha, (Original: Proycon / Català: Núria Harket), Magnus, procyon, Saaropean, Yiannisscheidt, elgrande, Kaelta, Sir McDuck, Mulder-21, Emandir, DelBoy, Portonovo, מיכל פ, sage, CoBB, edsmedia, Ruddi, Leppie, プロイコン, rising phoenix, Liisi, hekate, Riki, Anja Thoresen, Nana, aldaesme, Lada, Bugi, Kess, Knyktor, FullMountie, Benim Adım Mayıs, dor&da, , HoYin
    05 Jan 2009 09:34
    This is a simple story for children, but very suitable for language learners who just started learning the language.
    (Expanded view)
    Category: Stories
    Views: 807476
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 20:33
  • Articles
  • Alia Planlingvo proycon - 24 Jul 2008 17:33 Tiu ci artikulo temas pri alia planlingvo: Interlingua (Interlingvo). Gi eksplikas iomete kio estas interlingvo.
    Esperanto Esperanto
    Esperanto Esperanto
    Category: Articles
    Views: 3479
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 13:25
  • Geschiedenis van het Esperanto proycon - 24 Jul 2008 17:33 Een document van 15-pagina's over de geschiedenis van het Esperanto en zijn maker, Zamenhof.
    Dutch (Nederlands) Dutch (Nederlands)
    Esperanto Esperanto
    Category: Articles
    Views: 3535
    Last: 24 Sep 2022 16:32
  • Historio de Esperanto proycon - 24 Jul 2008 17:33 Esperanta dokumento (15 pagoj) pri la historio de Esperanto kaj Zamenhof.
    Esperanto Esperanto
    Esperanto Esperanto
    Category: Articles
    Views: 3416
    Last: 23 Sep 2022 17:42
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