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Maori (Reo Māori) There also is a language forum available for Maori (Reo Māori)! Go there for discussions and practise in this language!
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  • ChatTalk (+42) عرباوي أحمد, Al-Abbad, Serafín -
    عرباوي أحمد, Al-Abbad, Serafín, Zaduma, Paruha, Koljenovic M., , Riks, Jayan, maikengj, Narbleh, Alasdair, Scitor, Sir McDuck, Knabo, Liisi, nesos, reegs, Quabazaa, Ilayde, ekateryna, panglossa, 15087, polluted, Kess, 浩然 /
    17 Sep 2013 01:29
    This is a small phrasebook which contains useful phrases you can use on a chat
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    Category: Phrasebooks
    Views: 2454451
    Last: 13 Jun 2021 21:57
  • Stories
  • The Crow and the Pitcher (+29) Tigaine, ابفاحادا, Paruha -
    Tigaine, ابفاحادا, Paruha, Kubi, Σίνης, Abavagada, esperio, Liisi, mrphdes, jbflanman, Richard Raw, Porto, Abavagada (translated by Viktor Borbély), edsmedia, martyno, ಅಬವಗಡ, Pierrick18, proycon, keme, Zaduma, aldaesme, Juliette Esper, Абавагада, Curiosus, , 杨大猫
    09 Sep 2008 15:35
    A crow uses her brain to get a drink.
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    Category: Stories
    Views: 856338
    Last: 11 Jun 2021 05:30
  • Where is James? (+41) proycon, Paruha, (Original: Proycon / Català: Núria Harket) -
    proycon, Paruha, (Original: Proycon / Català: Núria Harket), Magnus, procyon, Saaropean, Yiannisscheidt, elgrande, Kaelta, Sir McDuck, Mulder-21, Emandir, DelBoy, Portonovo, מיכל פ, sage, CoBB, edsmedia, Ruddi, Leppie, プロイコン, rising phoenix, Liisi, hekate, Riki, Anja Thoresen, Nana, aldaesme, lada, Bugi, Kess, Knyktor, FullMountie, Benim Adım Mayıs, dor&da, , HoYin
    05 Jan 2009 09:34
    This is a simple story for children, but very suitable for language learners who just started learning the language.
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    Category: Stories
    Views: 661320
    Last: 13 Jun 2021 22:29
  • Linguistics
  • A Few Maori Expressions Saaropean - 14 Apr 2010 21:45 Some basic expressions in Maori
    English English
    Maori (Reo Māori) Maori (Reo Māori)
    Category: Linguistics
    Views: 12703
    Last: 13 Jun 2021 19:50
  • Language of the Month: Maori Saaropean - 14 Apr 2010 21:45 Language of the Month: Maori Overview of the Maori language
    English English
    Maori (Reo Māori) Maori (Reo Māori)
    Category: Linguistics
    Views: 10892
    Last: 13 Jun 2021 19:50


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